FM WhatsApp APK Download v9.80 | Latest Version (Anti-Ban)

Today Everyone knows about modded APKs (Android Package Kits) or modified applications. Regular users are the target audience for these apps. The developers have modified these apps, and they have set them for Android, iOS, or PCs. Developers and designers create many modified apps to help users. We update these apps and add new features to make them easier to use. If you want to improve your messaging, try the FM WhatsApp APK download. It has great features and an easy-to-use interface.

We all know that messaging apps are essential for communication. Many new messaging apps are appearing every day. WhatsApp is the most popular and easiest-to-use messaging app among the many available. It has a simple interface and advanced features. We saw that the original WhatsApp had few features. Users wanted more features and privacy options to protect their data. In recent years, the FM WhatsApp APK has become more popular. It now has 15 million users worldwide. Many people with different interests prefer this modified app over the official WhatsApp. It’s easier to use and has more features. Fouad Mokdad created this application as an improved version of the official WhatsApp. It has enhanced features and functions.

Downloading of FM WhatsApp APK

Features and Functionality: Fm whatsapp APK download

In this new version, you can use different tools and options not found in the official WhatsApp. The developer improved the app based on user needs. You can improve it by adding security and customization features. To get the newest version of this app, follow the steps in the “how to download” section. We have arranged the most recent updates to this customized app as follows:

FmWhatsApp Info

App Name

FM WhatsApp APK




70 MB

Operating System




Last Updated

2 Hours Ago

Additional Features of FM WhatsApp APK Download

Customization options

You can customize this fmwhatsapp in many ways. For example, you can choose from 4,000 different themes to change how it looks. Yet, you can also change the font style according to your choice and suitability. Custom emojis and icons are also available to help you express yourself. Text formatting is another cool feature that helps you personalize your chats.

Enhanced privacy settings

With this new feature, you can hide messages in a conversation that you don’t want others to read. You get a notification when someone sees your status. It’s an advanced feature. On the other hand, you can also enable the option to hide the chat names of some special people. You can also enable the auto-reply option for specific chats. You can plan when to send your responses to certain chats using scheduled replies. This is an amazing feature with which you can hide recent chats in your chat interface.

Increased Security

This feature allows you to encrypt chats and keep your data safe and secure. You can make changes to restrict unknown callers from calling you. You can also lock your chats to make them private and hidden from others. Here is an interesting feature of freezing your last seen. You can hide your profile picture from certain people, which is a useful feature. And it allows you to display your profile picture for the specific people you love.

Integration of FmWhatsapp with other Apps

You can connect your Fmwhatsapp to Facebook or other social media apps, like Instagram. You can also combine it with other messaging apps. To get and to enjoy fmwa amazing features, a user can integrate fmwa to different other applications for example, instagram, facebook etc.

Unlocking hidden features: fmwhatsapp APK

You can use this app to download media files, like images or videos, in view-once mode. You can see when someone gets online with the online status pop-up. It shows their display name. You can also download the statuses of others. Similarly, you can also download the profile picture of anyone. You can use airplane mode to go into private mode without going offline or turning off mobile data. Now you can pin up to 100 chats easily on the front screen.

Enhancing Communication

In this app, you can change how you interact with group chats and broadcasts. You can talk to people from different backgrounds and languages. You can use this feature to translate many languages in translator mode. It makes communication easier.

Media Sharing options

You can share media files up to 700 MB. The photo-sharing limit is 100+ photos in a single message, and it sends audio of more than 100 MB in a single message. We can only upload a 30-second status on official WhatsApp. But this app lets us upload a status that lasts up to 7 minutes.

Staying Updated

This messaging app updates to the latest. To keep its customers up to date, this app brings in new emojis and unique features. It stays ahead on WhatsApp. This enhances the experience with more updates on fm whatsapp apk download.

Pros and Cons of FM WhatsApp APK Download

Normally, people do not know what an APK file is. APK is actually an “Android package” format. There are various advantages to downloading this app, but one advantage is that you can send messages to other WhatsApp users right from the app. Following are the pros and cons of this app:


  • There are many privacy settings, so no one knows when you’re using the app.
  • A new security feature that restricts access to your conversations.
  • Customizing the interface goes far beyond the official app.
  • When someone sends you a message by mistake, the message/delete mode is disabled. It will remain on your phone until you delete it.
  • If you turn on Airplane Mode or DND Mode, you can use your phone without WhatsApp messages.
  • Custom themes give this app an amazing look.
  • You can share many files with one click.
  • The forwarding label is not displayed when forwarding a message.


  • It is impossible to know whether our data will end up in the hands of third parties.
  • We should need to reinstall the app if they ban our WhatsApp account.
  • Updates always need to catch up with official app updates.
  • Late updates could leave critical security aspects unprotected.
  • Since Facebook does not maintain the app, updating FM WhatsApp may take some time.
  • This version of WhatsApp is not official, so there are security risks. The developer can read messages that are not encrypted. 
  • You have to use the application as it is and cannot report bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

FMWhatsApp is usually safe. Make sure to get it from reliable sources, like the official website. Ensure you keep the app updated to maintain security.

FM WhatsApp is primarily designed for use on one device. You can install it on your smartphone and PC if you have the right Android emulator.

You can use FMWhatsApp on your PC and phone for a smooth and simultaneous experience.

While FM WhatsApp is safe, there is a slight risk of temporary bans from WhatsApp. To reduce this risk, always use the latest version and adhere to responsible usage.

No, our team and thousands of other users use FM WhatsApp with Emulator without any issues.


FM WhatsApp APK is a messaging app that has many advantages. It has many features. It offers better privacy and security, customization options, and extra functions. Using a customized version has risks like security problems and account suspension. Users must decide if they want to install the FM WhatsApp APK. They should weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

Important Note: FM WhatsApp is compatible with all Android devices. It is easy to install FM WhatsApp on Xiaomi Mi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, and Realme smartphones.

Steps of how FmWhatsapp APK Download:

You need to follow the following steps for FM WhatsApp APK Download:

  1. Step 1: To turn on Unknown Sources, go to your phone settings. Look for “security” or “privacy.”
  2. Step 2: Then, switch on “Unknown Sources.” You can do this to download apps from sources other than the official app store.
  3. Step 3: Go to a reliable source or website to get the FM WhatsApp APK to avoid malware or fake versions.
  4. Step 4: To download Fmwhatsapp APK go to the reputable website, type in “FM WhatsApp APK,” and then click the download button. Wait until the download finishes.
  5. Step 5: To install an APK file, find the file you downloaded in your phone’s downloads or file manager folder.
  6. Step 6: We may need certain permissions from you. Check your permissions and make any required modifications.
  7. Step 7: We may issue a one-time verification code to your cell number to help you confirm your phone number.
  8. Step 8: Now setup your profile to enjoy and customize its features.