FM WhatsApp Updates | Latest Features Of New Version (Official)

FMWhatsApp is always updating with new features and fixes for old ones. Users should stay informed about these changes. To keep up with the most recent FM WhatsApp updates and recent additional features, you can visit, where we provide all the relevant information. We often update the website to add new features and fix any issues. This helps users stay informed about changes and improves their FM WhatsApp experience.

FM Whatsapp v9.97 offers more privacy options than the standard settings. You can hide blue ticks, type status, and more. Mainstream messaging apps may not have as much privacy customization as this. In addition to these features, many others make this latest version stand out.

FM WhatsApp Updates & latest features

Enhanced Privacy Features of FM WhatsApp Updates

FM WhatsApp has special privacy options. You can control your online status, last seen, and profile picture. This app offers more privacy options than many other messaging apps. FM Whatsapp has extra privacy options, like hiding blue ticks and typing status. The privacy options in this app are better than those in popular messaging apps.

Multiple Account Support:

FM Whatsapp lets users have multiple accounts on one device, unlike other chat apps. This feature is great for people who want to easily handle personal and work accounts. FM Whatsapp allows users to use multiple accounts on one device. This feature is not commonly found in other messaging apps. This is helpful for people who want to keep personal and work accounts separate.

Extended Media Sharing Limits:

FM WhatsApp is better for people who share lots of big files like photos, videos, and documents. FM Whatsapp is a good choice for users who often share big files. Unlike other apps, it allows larger file sizes.

extensive media sharing limit in FM WhatsApp

Diverse Customization Options:

The app lets you customize many things, like themes, fonts, and chat backgrounds. Users can change the way their app looks, so it’s unique compared to other messaging apps.

Variety of customization options in FM WhatsApp Update

Anti-Delete Messages:

Message Permanence: Anti-Delete and More in FM WhatsApp Updates. FM Whatsapp includes a feature that prevents others from deleting messages in a chat. In many messaging apps, messages don’t last. But this app is different. It keeps messages forever. FM Whatsapp might have a feature that stops others from deleting messages in a chat. This gives users more message permanence than apps that allow message deletion.

No delete messages in FM WhatsApp

Extensive Emoji and Sticker Collection:

FMWhatsapp has a lot of emojis and stickers. You can use them to express yourself in different and creative ways. This is not possible on other messaging platforms. FM Whatsapp version 9.97 has many emojis and stickers. This lets users be creative when expressing themselves.

FM WhatsApp Updates, variety of emojis and stickers

Built-in App Lock:

The app has a built-in lock that adds extra security to other messaging apps. FM Whatsapp is different from other messaging apps because it has a built-in app lock. This adds extra protection to the app.

Built-in application security lock in FM WhatsApp

Efficient Status Management:

With FM Whatsapp, users choose who can see their updates, giving them more control. This is different from other messaging platforms.

status management options

In-App Chat Translations:

Certain versions of FM Whatsapp may have a translation feature. You can use this feature to translate messages in the chat. It helps you communicate in different languages.

Translation options in cnversation mode

Customizable Chat Interface:

In FM Whatsapp, users can change fonts, colours, and backgrounds to customize their chats. This makes it different from other messaging apps with standard interfaces.

chat customization options

Voice Changer

The newest update of FM WhatsApp, version 9.97, includes a fun Voice Changer feature. With this new feature, users can change their voice while on a call. The Voice Changer feature adds a playful element to your communication experience. It can add humour or disguise your voice for fun.

voice changing options

Message a number without saving any contact

In FM WhatsApp, you can message a contact without saving their number. This makes messaging easier by allowing quick communication without adding unnecessary contacts. This feature saves time and makes it easier for users to talk to new or temporary contacts.

sending message to an unsaved contact

New Notification Bar

The new version has a redesigned Notification Bar that looks fresh and organized. This improvement makes it easier for users to see and access notifications. Users can stay informed about messages, calls, and other app activities. The new Notification Bar looks good and makes the user interface better.

New conversation interface


FM WhatsApp now has an Anti-Toast feature. This feature adds more privacy to how users interact. Users of Anti-Toast can hide their typing, keeping their messages private and secret. This feature is very useful for users who care about privacy and want to control what others see online.

modifying conversation styles to contacts

DND Mode in FM WhatsApp

FMWhatsApp has a feature called “Do Not Disturb” or DND. It allows you to silence notifications and messages. If you turn it on, you won’t get WhatsApp calls, messages, or notifications. This feature can be useful when taking a break from the app or avoiding distractions. You can take advantage of this feature to create a focus environment and remove distracting messages.


Yes, it’s true that FMWhatsApp has an anti-ban feature to prevent users from getting banned. This feature stops WhatsApp from finding out if the user uses a modified app. It also keeps the user’s account safe from being banned or restricted. For people who want to use FM WhatsApp but don’t want to lose their WhatsApp account, this feature is helpful. Using your secondary account, FM WhatsApp download is a good idea. If you violate WhatsApp’s terms and conditions, your account may be in danger.

Status Downloading

We can use FMWhatsApp to download our contacts’ status. This includes images and videos, and we don’t need any other apps. This feature is helpful for people who want to save their friends or family members’ updates. You can view them later. You don’t need many apps to download statuses. Just use FM WhatsApp to download them easily. It also allows you to share the downloaded status with anyone you contact or use it for your status too. The best thing about this application is that there will be no watermark for downloads. So you can use the videos on any platform for free.

Group Settings

FMWhatsApp has special group settings. You can hide the group’s name and choose a custom background for chats. In addition, you can explore many more features by accessing the group settings. These options will provide you with a simple environment to manage your groups. There is also a function that gives you a separate tab for your groups. It makes it more convenient to manage and interact with your groups.

setting of groups

Always Online

If you want to stay active online, even when the app is closed, use FMWhatsApp’s “Always Online” feature. If you want to be online without using the app, this is really convenient. Additionally, FM WhatsApp allows you to show yourself offline even when you’re online. This function is helpful if you want to stay online all the time. Even if you go offline, FM WhatsApp will still show you as online. There is also a function named “Hide online status” for it. You may effortlessly conceal the online status on FM WhatsApp with this option.

Chat Backup options in FM WhatsApp

FMWhatsApp lets users easily transfer their chats to a new device by backing them up to Google Drive. Users can use this feature to make a backup of their messages and media on cloud storage. Now, things are becoming more advanced. To address privacy concerns, we have added a new option for FM WA backup: using storage. You may quickly backup your WhatsApp data in one of your device’s memory by using this option. FM WhatsApp offers the most secure backup method. Download it now to get started.

taking backup of chat

Message Scheduler in FM WhatsApp

FMWhatsApp has a special feature that lets users schedule messages to be sent later. With this feature, you can set a custom time for your message to be sent, even if you are offline. This is especially useful if you can’t send a message right away but want it delivered later. You can use this message scheduler to quickly schedule your important messages. YSet the send time and relax.

scheduling of sending a message

Auto Reply

FMWhatsApp has a feature called auto-reply. It lets users set automatic responses when they can’t respond. Business owners can use a WhatsApp feature to reply quickly and look professional. Auto replies are important messages that help people engage more with each other. WhatsApp Business brings a very good feature.

auto reply messages

How to Download FM WhatsApp Updates to the Latest Version

  • Step 1. Tap on the three dots on your WhatsApp main screen and then on the first section labelled “FMMods.”
  • Step 2. Navigate to updates and select “check for updates.” Don’t forget to upgrade to the most recent version. Older versions may cease to function shortly.
  • Step 3. Click the download button. It will take you to the Fouad website.
  • Step 4. Scroll down and download the version with “FMWhatsApp.”
  • Step 5. will take you to an area labelled “Download Centre.” After the file in that area has loaded, click on download. Then, once more, click on download.
  • Step 6. Navigate to Downloads on your phone and choose the downloaded APK file.
  • Step 7. Allow Chrome to install unfamiliar programs, then click Install.

How to Fix FMWhatsApp Updates Installation Problem

FMWhatsApp cannot be installed on your phone if your device does not have enough space. If you’re having trouble installing FMWhatsApp, go to your phone settings. Delete unnecessary apps to make space.  And try to install the FMWhatsApp again after you’ve deleted some applications.


FMWhatsapp v9.97 is impressive because it has lots of privacy controls. It also supports multiple accounts and makes sharing media easy. You can customize it in many ways, and it has a lot of emojis. The app has security features. It helps you manage your status well. It can also translate messages. These features collectively contribute to a unique and highly customizable messaging experience.

In addition to this, FM WhatsApp has exciting updates. These updates include a voice changer for calls and messaging without saving contacts. We’ve improved the notification bar so it’s easier to see. Plus, the anti-toast feature protects your privacy. FM WhatsApp is a great messaging platform that has more features and is user-friendly.

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