How to Install FM WhatsApp Stickers Packs App on Android


The digital world is always changing. Customizing your messages is a great way to make conversations better. It makes them more lively and fun. FM WhatsApp stickers offer a way to inject creativity and amusement into your chats. But what if you could change these stickers to perfectly show your feelings or thoughts? In this post, we will take you on a journey on how to create custom stickers for FM WhatsApp. Buckle up!

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Understanding the World of FM WhatsApp Stickers

Dive into the dynamic world of FM WhatsApp stickers. Banter and laughter fill this arena. Stickers are not new on FM WhatsApp. They have long given users a vibrant set of tools to spruce up their chats. You have a vast selection. It spans from cute animals to famous characters. It includes funny memes and tailored texts. However, the exhilarating part is the ability to design your own stickers. This unique feature allows you to weave your personal flair into your conversations. And the cherry on top? Making your custom FM WhatsApp stickers is as simple as it is fun!

We are giving two ways to use the FM WhatsApp Stickers Pack App. In the first turn, we guide you on how to install and use the FM WhatsApp stickers pack App on Android phones. And in the next step, we will be explaining to you how to create and customize your own stickers. You can also visit our website, FMWhatsApp APK for the latest updates.

Steps to Get and Set Up FMWhatsApp Sticker Packs App

To get cool stickers for your FMWhatsApp, follow these easy steps:

  1. First of all, click on the download button below to download the FMStickers app.
  2. Once it’s downloaded, find the file in your device’s download folder. and then tap on it to install, just like you would with any other app.
  3. Once the installation is finished, you’ll see the app on your device with your other apps.
  4. Open it to check out the awesome stickers it has.
  5. Remember, if you like a sticker, click on the “add” buttons, and they’ll be added to your FMWhatsApp account.
  6. Now, you’re all set to have fun with your new stickers!

How to Use Sticker Packs?

After downloading and installing the FM stickers App, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open FM WhatsApp Stickers App, Then click on the “Add” button to add the sticker pack of your choice
  2. After this, open your FM WhatsApp and move to any chat or group chat where you want to send a sticker.
  3. Then, on the left of the text box, you will find an emoji icon; tap on this icon.
  4. To the right of the emoji and gif icons, you will see a third icon. This icon is the sticker icon. Then tap on it.
  5. Now select the sticker of your choice, then tap on it to send it to that specific chat where you want to send it.

In this way, you can add a sticker pack to your FM WhatsApp. You can also make your own custom stickers. Anyone can easily create or customize the stickers of their own choice. By following the simple and easy method given below.

Why Customise Your FM WhatsApp Stickers?

Making custom FM WhatsApp stickers can transform your chats. Why should you consider doing this? It’s all about expression and individuality. You might have an original concept. It could be a personal joke or a unique sentiment. These ideas aren’t captured by existing sticker options. You can create your own sticker. You can use it to share personal expressions and experiences. It will resonate more powerfully with your contacts. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic way to exercise your creative muscles. Let’s face it: it’s satisfying to see your own creations come to life in a chat. This is a fun pastime. It’s also a way to show your ingenuity and personality through your sticker designs.

The Prerequisites for Creating FM WhatsApp Stickers

Before going into the intriguing process of sticker creation, you’ll need to set the stage. Kick-off by checking your FM WhatsApp is in tune with the latest updates. Once it is confirmed, pick your design tool. Software like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP will serve you well. Remember, your design canvas should be square. It’s important to save your finished product in PNG format with a see-through backdrop. The optimal sticker size is a neat 512×512 pixels. Your final essential is a supportive sticker creation app. Sticker Maker’ or ‘Sticker Studio’, transform your design into a fun, chat-ready sticker. And voila, you are all set to start creating your custom FM WhatsApp stickers.

How to Create Custom Stickers for FM WhatsApp

Eager to bring your custom FM WhatsApp stickers to life? Follow these simple steps and let the fun begin:

1. Craft your design: Using your preferred software, design your sticker. Remember, a square canvas and 512×512 pixels is your goal.

2. Save your design: After finalising your design, save it. Save it as a PNG file ensuring the backdrop is transparent.

3. Download a sticker creation app: Choose an app like ‘Sticker Maker’ or ‘Sticker Studio.’ And install it on your device.

4. Create a new sticker pack: Open the app, and tap the ‘+’ button to create a new sticker pack. Then name it, and add an icon for identification purposes.

5. Add your design: Tap on the newly created pack and then on the ‘add sticker’ option. Select your PNG image and position it accordingly within the provided area.

6. Publish your sticker pack: Once satisfied with your collection, hit the ‘publish’ button. This will convert your images into stickers.

7. Add to FM WhatsApp: Lastly, press the ‘add to WhatsApp’ button. Then your personalised stickers will be available for use in your FM WhatsApp chats.

Remember, creativity knows no bounds. Enjoy designing your unique FM WhatsApp stickers!

Some Tips and Tricks for Your FM WhatsApp Stickers

Here are some insightful titbits to keep in mind. These will help to heighten your sticker-creating journey.

1. Embrace Simplicity: Don’t overcomplicate your designs. Simplicity often yields the most memorable stickers.

2. Consider visibility: Remember, stickers are small on-screen. Ensure your design elements are discernible even at a smaller scale.

3. Maintain Originality: Strive for originality in your stickers. Personal jokes, unique concepts, and sentiments that reflect your personality are ideal starting points.

4. Play with Text: Integrating text can add context and clarity to your sticker designs. Choose a readable font and a suitable size to ensure visibility.

5. Optimise for Different Backgrounds: Your stickers will be used on various chat backgrounds. So make sure they look good against both light and dark hues.

6. Experiment: Don’t limit yourself to one style or theme. Dabble in various genres, be it funny, quirky, or sentimental. The sky is your limit!

7. Regularly Update: Keep your sticker pack fresh and engaging by adding new stickers. And you can do this by updating existing ones.

Remember, creativity is all about having fun. Enjoy the process, and let your personalised FM WhatsApp stickers light up your chats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply follow our step-by-step guide to download and install the app hassle-free.

Once installed, the stickers will be in the FMWhatsApp app; just click on the stickers icon to explore.

Yes, the app allows you to add and customize sticker packs according to your preferences.

Check if you’ve clicked on the add buttons within the FMStickers App to add the packs to your FMWhatsApp account.

Yes, the FMWhatsApp Stickers Packs App is designed to work smoothly on most Android devices.


Don’t underestimate the power of emojis in creating your FM WhatsApp stickers! They can add humour and personality to your designs. Now you can create your own funny, awesome stickers! Imagine making stickers of your favourite cat, a silly meme, or even yourself! All you need is a picture and a free app. Boom, instantly you’ve got your own sticker pack to share with friends. It’s like adding custom emojis to your chats, but way better! Anyone can create their own set of custom stickers for use in FM WhatsApp. By following the prerequisites and steps given in detail in this article, you can download stickers. Stickers have become a popular form of digital communication. And also, make every message extra special.

Making your own funny stickers for FM WhatsApp is like playing dress-up but for your chats! It’s super fun and lets you show off your artistic genius. Think of all the cool emojis you can make: your grumpy hamster, your goofy best friend, or even a dancing pizza! These stickers are like magic keys that unlock smiles and giggles whenever you use them. So let your creativity run wild! Fire up your imagination and get ready to unleash some sticker-powered awesomeness!

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